pastel abstract | Easter in the Park

Easter in the Park, with a slight chance of rain. A brighter (happier?), pastel abstract. Again, playing with lines and reflections.

Created in Blender. As with my other recent projects, the only object that is directly visible is an irregular, mirrored surface – a plane with an ocean modifier applied. There is also an array of lines (straight, two-vertex curves) and a second irregular, mirrored surface (a duplicate of the first) that are only visible as reflections. This setup creates the patterns of overlaid curves. Aside from the camera and main sun lamp, that is all the objects in the scene. I applied some nodes to create randomized colors for the reflective surfaces, the light-emitting lines, and the sky.

If I am being honest, I didn’t intend to create a “happy” abstract. While playing with the color setup, this happened. I liked it, so I went with it.

14,400 x 7200 pixels.
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