Selfie | Illustrated Portrait

What do you get when you start doodling over a selfie? When it is doodling with a bunch of weird, custom brushes, you get a weird selfie. This is one of a few pieces on which I have been working. I am experimenting with this technique of building simple brushes for Illustrator, then using those…

Cheryl Sarkisian Expressionistic Painting

I set a goal to produce a colorful portrait in an afternoon – rather than working on it bit by bit over the course of a week or two. I wanted to be more loose with the brush – to incorporate some of the aspects that I like in abstracts into a portrait. So, I…

Blue Eye Killer

7,200 x 10,800 pixels | 24 x 36 inches Blue Eye Killer Zoomable Image Yes, I know. The zoomify player is buggy – particularly for mobile devices.


Another face, but this time a lot closer and a bit more abstracted. I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I like the idea of a (mostly) monochromatic painting. On the other hand, I look at this and think “what have I wrought?” Closer | Detail Shots Eye/iris Upper eyelid/eyebrow area Bridge of the…

Abstract 072817

Needing a break from portraits, I focused on the brush strokes I have been incorporating in them to create an abstract. The way in which the strokes overlap and mix colors creates a flow that greatly appeals to me. prints available Abstract Detail Shots Zoomify | Zoomable Image


I went a bit more surrealistic with this project. This is not a real person – more of a meshing of features from a number of people. 7,200 x 10,800 pixels Get a print of Ephemeral Ephemeral Detail shots

Hungry Ocean

18,000 x 10,800 pixels | 60″ x 36″ Hungry Ocean Detail / Close Up Prints Available


Thunderhead Detail / Close Up   Prints available:¬†

Robin Williams

Portrait of Robin Williams. Mostly about practicing facial anatomy. Not 100% happy with the shape of the face. I think I am still off a little. On the other hand, I do not want to do something that is photorealistic. I want it to remain expressionistic. So, in that regard, maybe I am making things…

Impressionism | Audrey

Another impressionism painting. I am most happy with the eyes. Less happy with some of the contouring. Some spots don’t feel natural to me. I think I know where I went wrong – the neck. Mostly. That’s the second iteration of the neck and, while it is far better than my first attempt, it still…

Impressionistic Digital Painting | The Man With the Eyes

I am still working on old photos –¬†using them as the basis for impressionistic digital paintings. Here is the scan of the original photo. This is not retouched, but it is smaller for the sake of quick loading on this page. Using that as my reference, I started working on ways to add some unusual…