Who is Matt Lindley? Writing about myself has always been difficult. What can you say to sell yourself, without sounding pompous or arrogant? I think I enjoy self-description about as much as I do public speaking. Not at all. Still, it is expected…

Matt Lindley is…

matt lindleyI am a freelance artist and graphic designer, based in Dallas, TX. My work history and a great deal of my time in college was spent in programming (my second love). However, after 20 years in corporate America, I realized that my personality does not mesh well with corporate office politics. After leaving all that behind me, I moved on to freelance web development and design. This allowed me to express my artistic side, while staying [relatively] close to programming. In the end, however, art won out over everything else. I still do some web design, but the development part is minimal.

My personal art preferences vary greatly. The only form of art that I usually find uninteresting (or even irritating) are generic still life images. You know the kind – think fruit in a bowl [gag]. I am mostly drawn to abstract imagery, which is also my personal preference for my own artwork. I believe that is because it focuses more on color, forms and movement, without directly attempting to force a specific representation of anything. Lately, I have been experimenting a little more with surreal and realistic art. I find that while it is not my core art form, there is so much I can learn from pushing my own boundaries.

I began my art with traditional wet media. However, I now produce my work digitally. My primary tools are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Blender.

I do quite a bit of contract design work: business logos, wedding monograms, custom printed chocolate for events, print design, etc. My approach for this kind of work is fairly methodical. Who is the audience? I like to know as much about the target demographic as is possible. What is the goal of the project? What is the client trying to accomplish? I am not afraid to assign homework to my clients. I find it helps both of us understand what the end goal should be.

That’s me, in a nutshell. I hope you will check out my work. If you find something you like, I *really* hope you will consider buying a print, or hiring me to do contract work. Whatever you end up doing, thank you for taking the time to check me out.