Impressionism | Audrey

Another impressionism painting. I am most happy with the eyes. Less happy with some of the contouring. Some spots don’t feel natural to me. I think I know where I went wrong – the neck. Mostly.

That’s the second iteration of the neck and, while it is far better than my first attempt, it still feels too flat. It is the way the lines meet the edge of the neck. They should take a sharper turn up and converge to provide a better sense of depth. Time to break out my 3D software and run some tests on virtual models, but I am 90% sure that is what needs to change.

Parts of the face do not feel quite right, either – but not enough to redo them. The balance between the eyes, nose, and mouth are off slightly, too. Its all a bit too off-center from the nose.

Here are some detail shots. The piece is 36×36″ at 300dpi.

I should have noticed, at this point, that I had the eyes way off-center on the face. Even with the guides in place, I missed it.