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Blender Mandelbulb

A few weeks ago, I started experimenting with using Python in Blender to create fractal meshes. My goal was to create a Mandelbulb – similar to what you can get from the app Mandelbulb 3D. While I had some success (I was able to generate a Mandelbrot mesh), I was not able to generate a very […]


Image Tile Script For MandelBulb 3D, Blender, and Photoshop

First, the files for the Image Tile Script. Blender Addon: Photoshop Script: After downloading the image tile scripts, scan the zips for malware (but you were going to do that already, because you are smarter than the average user, aren’t you?) before you unzip them. Installing the Blender Addon For the Blender Addon, open Blender, go to […]