Selfie | Illustrated Portrait

What do you get when you start doodling over a selfie? When it is doodling with a bunch of weird, custom brushes, you get a weird selfie. This is one of a few pieces on which I have been working. I am experimenting with this technique of building simple brushes for Illustrator, then using those…

Cheryl Sarkisian Expressionistic Painting

I set a goal to produce a colorful portrait in an afternoon – rather than working on it bit by bit over the course of a week or two. I wanted to be more loose with the brush – to incorporate some of the aspects that I like in abstracts into a portrait. So, I…

Blue Eye Killer

7,200 x 10,800 pixels | 24 x 36 inches Blue Eye Killer Zoomable Image Yes, I know. The zoomify player is buggy – particularly for mobile devices.


Another face, but this time a lot closer and a bit more abstracted. I’m torn on this one. On one hand, I like the idea of a (mostly) monochromatic painting. On the other hand, I look at this and think “what have I wrought?” Closer | Detail Shots Eye/iris Upper eyelid/eyebrow area Bridge of the…

Abstract 072817

Needing a break from portraits, I focused on the brush strokes I have been incorporating in them to create an abstract. The way in which the strokes overlap and mix colors creates a flow that greatly appeals to me. prints available Abstract Detail Shots Zoomify | Zoomable Image


I went a bit more surrealistic with this project. This is not a real person – more of a meshing of features from a number of people. 7,200 x 10,800 pixels Get a print of Ephemeral Ephemeral Detail shots


Sort of a textile abstract. Reminds me slightly of spectral analysis or a DNA sequence map. Lines Detail

Hungry Ocean

18,000 x 10,800 pixels | 60″ x 36″ Hungry Ocean Detail / Close Up Prints Available


Thunderhead Detail / Close Up   Prints available:¬†

Robin Williams

Portrait of Robin Williams. Mostly about practicing facial anatomy. Not 100% happy with the shape of the face. I think I am still off a little. On the other hand, I do not want to do something that is photorealistic. I want it to remain expressionistic. So, in that regard, maybe I am making things…


The first time I came across a Salvador Dali painting (in a book), I was a fan. It was the moment I realized art could be something beyond either still life or classical paintings. Sure, I was old enough to be aware of all kinds of art. But, it took a Dali to really open…

Impressionism | Audrey

Another impressionism painting. I am most happy with the eyes. Less happy with some of the contouring. Some spots don’t feel natural to me. I think I know where I went wrong – the neck. Mostly. That’s the second iteration of the neck and, while it is far better than my first attempt, it still…