Impressionistic Digital Painting | The Man With the Eyes

Another impressionistic digital painting based on an old photo – and another unknown person. I’m guessing the photo dates from somewhere around the mid to late 1920’s – maybe early to mid 1930’s. I think I am starting to develop a process by which I can select some unusual colors to apply to these old black and white photos. The real test will be if I can come up with a color scheme for another photo (with which I am pleased) using the same process.

I am still working on old photos – using them as the basis for impressionistic digital paintings. Here is the scan of the original photo. This is not retouched, but it is smaller for the sake of quick loading on this page.

Using that as my reference, I started working on ways to add some unusual colors to the image. I don’t want to just recreate the original photo. I want to make something new based on the photo. And, since I anticipate doing at least a few more of these, I want to have a process for choosing colors that I can use again (that would be the programmer in me trying to assert himself).

In the end, I came up with a fun, impressionistic painting. Well, it was fun for me, anyway. Maybe you’ll like it, too. Here is a close up of the face: