Blue-Green Abstract

It has been a while since I created an art piece. I’ve been busy with website and logo business. This weekend, however, I decided to do a little digital abstract just for me. I began this abstract in Blender, by creating a curve and applying a simple emission [light emitting] material.

Blender Screenshot: Curve object, with an Emission material

Next, I turned off the objects Ray Visibility to the Camera, so it would not be directly rendered. Then, I added a Sphere mesh, squished it along the Z [vertical] axis, gave it a mirror finish, with a slight texture, and made it an emitter for the curve object.

Blender Sphere Mesh Emitter. Emitting the curve object.

After rendering the scene, I did a little post in Photoshop. Here is the result:

Blue-Green Abstract

It is available for purchase at: