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Blender Mandelbulb

A few weeks ago, I started experimenting with using Python in Blender to create fractal meshes. My goal was to create a Mandelbulb – similar to what you can get from the app Mandelbulb 3D. While I had some success (I was able to generate a Mandelbrot mesh), I was not able to generate a very […]


digital abstract | crapulence

I think I still had Thanksgiving dinner on my mind. I over ate. Of course I over ate. All the things you would not normally consider eating for the rest of the year are laid out in a dizzying display of opulence. You begin to methodically load your plate with reasonable portions of each item. Before […]


Fractal Art | Cavern

Today’s project is a fractal art piece. I had every intention of turning this into more of an abstract work. However, after rendering the fractal, I decided I liked it as is. My attempts to work it into an abstract only seemed to detract from it, rather than build on it. Besides, sometimes fractals are […]