Spring Abstract Two 030216

I had to do another spring abstract. Just ’cause I felt like it. Buy this Spring Abstract This print is available for purchase on a variety of materials and products at: http://matt-lindley.pixels.com/featured/spring-two-030216-matt-lindley.html

Spring Abstract

Since it feels like spring (and has for the past couple of months), I felt like doing a spring-themed piece. I also needed to do an abstract, since I have been tied up with other projects for a while. So, this weekend, I created this spring abstract. I began this project in Blender, by creating a fluid…

Digital Abstract | 112815

  Another digital abstract, today. This one in reds and blues, primarily. Waves of folds, within waves of folds. prints

digital abstract | crapulence

I think I still had Thanksgiving dinner on my mind. I over ate. Of course I over ate. All the things you would not normally consider eating for the rest of the year are laid out in a dizzying display of opulence. You begin to methodically load your plate with reasonable portions of each item. Before…