A 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.— “Surrealism,” Oxford Dictionaries

If abstracts are my first passion, then Surrealism would be my second. The first time I saw a Dali painting, I was forever hooked. Surrealism tricks you by presenting real-world objects or settings, but in a decidedly non real-world way. It’s often thought of as dream imagery, due to how the artistic style resembles dreams. For me, surrealistic art can draw me in as much (sometimes more) than abstracts. They tell more of a story, while still being just strange enough to allow for more individual interpretations.

My surrealism pieces tend vary greatly in subjects. When I start a project, I often have no specific direction and simply allow my mind to wander as I work. When I do have a goal in mind, it is usually inspired by a dream, which is uncommon, since I rarely remember my dreams.

This is only a small sample of my work. For a larger collection of my surrealism, you can visit my Illustrations Album on Flickr, which contains a number of surrealistic pieces. If you wish, you can also browse my Collection of Illustrations for Sale on Pixels|FineArtAmerica.