Circular – Abstract Digital Oil Painting

I wanted to get back, at least a little, to hand painted abstracts. This project was created in ArtRage, so I could simulate real world media – in this case, oil paint. I am not exactly sure how long this took… somewhere between 40 to 60 hours, between work and other projects. I got caught up in this circular theme. Not exactly the most original design style, admittedly. But, sometimes you get compelled to do something and (in this case) see it through to the end. I feel it needs something, but I do not know what. Nothing I tried feels quite right. From experience, that tells me it is time to put it away and call it done.

Here is a close-up/detail shot:

Hand painted in digital oil (ArtRage). Lots and lots of circles. They haunt me now.
60 x 36 inches | 194 Megapixels

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