Man in Yellow

I’ve grown tired of the kind of portraits that I’ve recently created. However, I want to keep exploring abstract impressionistic styles. So, I am backing up from the subject and focusing a little on the overall figure. This male figure is my first attempt. I also went a little larger with this piece. It is…


10,800 x 7,200 pixels Mouthless | Detail

Red Inside

I’ve been so busy with client work that I have not had much time to work on any art projects just for me. So, I did this over the weekend. Print it

Blue Yellow Abstract

This blue yellow abstract is made of smokey curves colored mostly blue and yellow, mostly. Continuing my project of abstracts built with a lot of wavy shapes, emitting light along their edges. I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone, regarding the color choices I employ. These are not colors I would typically place together; however, I feel…