Chocolate Menu Cards, to be exact. Belgian Chocolate. I typically create these chocolate favors for weddings – but they can be for any kind of event. I can, of course, design smaller chocolate favors. The menu cards just look so darned good! The menu card pricing is not for those with a limited budget, however; and, the price varies, depending on the bar thickness, quantity ordered, packaging for each chocolate, and shipping. That said, at every event where these are used, the guests went crazy for them. I’ve even seen guests sneaking out more than their fair share. These come in milk or dark chocolate and the artwork can be embossed (raised) or engraved. Combinations of milk and dark chocolate; but, that reduces the printing area.

I thought I had more photos of menu cards from a few wedding receptions. My apologies for not having much to show. I am working on getting more photos from the event photographers.