2 of 2. This is the wife – to go with the Husband piece from yesterday. Her blouse posed a bit of a challenge to me. Such a large area of white with no significant details. I played with a number of ways to add in my own idea of what she could be wearing. Eventually,…


The Husband 24 x 36 ” | digital painting From old family photos. I found this photo of what I assume is a married couple. The wife will be next. I tried to do this in an impressionism style that is a kind of blend between styles like some of Van Gogh’s and Munch’s works….


10,800 x 7,200 pixels Mouthless | Detail

Scratch Boys

Another painting based on an old family photo. I’m guessing the photo was taken some time in the mid 1920’s to 1930’s. Prints Scratch Boys Detail Shots

Sisters Savage

From another old family photo. I do not know if these girls are in any way related to Alma Savage. But, they were in her old photo album, so there’s that. This was an odd strip of photos, set of four portraits, taken in front of the same background, but not all together. I really…


Sort of a textile abstract. Reminds me slightly of spectral analysis or a DNA sequence map. Lines Detail

Weathered and Without

Some faces are just too interesting to pass up. While searching for a new subject, I came across this one, courtesy of Alan Simpson (https://flic.kr/p/SMCZqU). I started this project with the intention of doing something a lot more stylized. However, when I began the detail paint stage, I started with a brush that was way…


Prints: matt-lindley.pixels.com/featured/patchwork-matt-lindley.html Patchwork Detail