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Digital Abstract | Berries and Cream

Very similar to my Topo series. I used different techniques and tried to introduce a little more softness to this digital abstract. In Blender, I used a cracks & worn edges node group, along with a blur node group. The goal was to exercise a little more fine control over the colors (to avoid making […]


Topo Abstract Series

I like reading¬†articles about what is happening in the space program. Between the photos of Pluto, moons, and asteroids, and reading about the discoveries of exoplanets, I wanted to¬†attempt some abstract visualizations of the surfaces of exotic planetary surfaces. In this endeavor, I failed. What I ended up creating was more like slices of agate […]


Blue-Green Abstract

It has been a while since I created an art piece. I’ve been busy with website and logo business. This weekend, however, I decided to do a little digital abstract just for me. I began this abstract in Blender, by creating a curve and applying a simple emission [light emitting] material. Next, I turned off […]